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morgana kicking ass
Way to kick me when I'm down, TW. Came home after spending all day at work trying not to cry (and failing miserably from around 4-8) looking forward to watching the 4th part of the Torchwood miniseries. As the credits rolled, and I sat there hyperventilatedly crying, realized that I should have known. Have not been this upset over a character death since Wash's sudden and horrific death in Serenity. Some part of me wants this to be fixed, but a larger part doesn't want to disrespect his death. I'm not sure if I want to watch the last part today. I also feel like this is kind of a nail in the show's coffin, whatever the ratings the series gets. I was skeptical about the show going on without Owen and Tosh, but I really don't get how it can go on with just Jack and Gwen.

In conclusion: DIAF, Russel T. Davies.


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