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eleanor is very amused right now

So. I think it was very well done. This miniseries was some of the most thought provoking, well written television I've seen in a long time. I respect the issues that it tackled and the way in which it tackled them. That being said I didn't love it. I think if this story had been in any other universe I wasn't as attached to, I would have. I don't hate RTD for creating and writing this. I hate him for writing it in the TW universe and for so supremely fucking up every character's life to do get his point across.

I really wonder, did he have this idea all along? Was this where he always wanted the show to go to eventually, or did he just have an idea one day that this would be a interesting idea to set in TW, and run with it? If its the former I feel emotionally manipulated (which I guess is really what all television is supposed to do if its done well). I feel like TW is the equivalent to an emotionally abusive partner that you only find out is an asshole after you're legally and financially tied up with them and can't easily get away. It was all sunshine and fairies and aphrodisiacs until you got married. And then they beat the emotional shit out of you. I almost screamed at my computer screen "I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!"

The other thing is the way this is written there's no way we can ever go back to before. Absolutely no way. In order to serve the emotional arc of this miniseries he literally killed off the old show. People were talking about ratings earlier this week, but honestly, who cares? Whatever would come back for a fourth season would be so far removed from the S1 and 2 show that I don't know if I could want to watch it.

Also, Minor critique, which might speak to my lack of knowledge of the racial make up of the UK and how race/class intersect. If all of the children picked to be used as alien heroin came from failing schools why were so many of the children white? I know that if this story had been set in America (and was accurately portrayed by casting agents) a majority of the kids pulled from the probably all inner city schools would have been POC. Was that a misrepresentation by the series, or is being in a failing school not necessarily relate to being in a lower socio-economic class and therefore correlate with race?

Bottom Line: I will strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen the show before.


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