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Just got back from seeing Harry Potter. At 9 AM. Yes, one advantage of living where I live is that the closest movie theater starts showing at 9 on weekends. It was blissfully free of people. I would totally see a 9 AM movie again!

I really felt like this movie consisted of almost all of the mundane interactions between the characters, and almost none of the overarching plot (what overarching plot the book possesses). That is not exactly a bad thing. I really liked seeing Fred and George's shop, the whole Lavender/Cormack plot lines. Maybe because selfishly I know that the next movie will not allow them many cute, funny normal moments, it was nice to see.

However, the forcing of the plot to the side meant that Snape was practically non-existent. :( The parts he was in were awesome, as always, but there was too little of him!

Tom Felton did a kickass job, and it did remind me of why I was a Harry/Draco shipper back in the day before I fell off the wagon into darker things *coughs*

I also thought the whole idea of death was handled really badly. Harry spends all of book 5 broken up about Cedric's death, someone he didn't know particularly well, but they didn't address that his frickin godfather died at the end of book 5. Harry didn't seem particularly angsty about it, but I don't think was Daniel's fault so much as it was the script that didn't give any space to do this in. Also, Dumbledore's death was anti-climactic, and poorly addressed in terms of the emotional fallout of it. I thought everyone was way too zen about it. Particularly Harry, who we know is no poster boy of controlled emotional reactions. It haven't reread the book since it came out, so maybe that's how it is in the book, but it didn't feel right regardless.

I thought the movie was really well shot. The way the penseive memories faded in and out of fog was beautifully creepy, and I really liked the way they used the weather to invoke a mood. I think the only time it was sunny was at the very end when Harry, Ron and Hermione were standing watching Fawkes fly away. I'd have to rewatch it to be sure. It was overall both visually gorgeous, and visually interesting. I really liked the costumes, particularly McGonagall's robes with the exaggerated shoulders! And Draco's suits! And Narcissa's hair! And the whole visual feel of the opening when Harry is hanging out in the Muggle diner.

I liked the direction of the movie, I just hope they get a better script writer (NO MORE STEVE KLOVES) for the next movie. I think a better script with the pretty solidly creative directing will make the next movie awesome.

ETA:Also, Dumbledore's wizened hand really looked like it was just covered in bike grease. I thought it would start off a lot creepier, and look even worse at the end.

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I agree! The visuals and cinematography were easily the best things about the film (besides Harry being high on happy drugs, Ron being high on love potion, and Luna in general).

As for Harry's lack of brooding about Sirius, that is, IIRC, much the way it comes off in the book, i.e. an emotional continuity pothole. Still they could have smoothed it out in the film if they'd wanted.

Mostly though, Snape. Oh Snape. Snape basically made the book for me. I was really disappointed in the way he came off in the film adaptation. I just didn't feel that sinking 'oh shit' feeling when he made the unbreakable vow in the beginning, or the heartbreaking impotent ANGST when he has to kill Dumbledore and then takes it out on Harry by dueling the shit out of him. The only time you really got a sense of the shitstorm beneath his silky cool exterior was when he shoved Draco against that wall (a moment I, er, might have enjoyed more than I should have). Other than that, he wasn't as compelling a presence as he was in the books, no matter how awesome Alan Rickman was. Capslock Harry moment: HELLO HE IS THE OTHER TITLE CHARACTER, BITCHES. WTF TREAT HIM RIGHT.

They definitely could have smoothed it out, considering they invented a whole scene with the Burrow burning down, just to show off Ginny's selfless devotion to Harry's safety.

That's really it! I feel especially pissed because I know that he is going to die in the next book and one of the redeeming factors about that was that he at least got a good story line in HBP. (Snape shoving Draco against the wall = almost best moment ever. Best moment ever would have been if it had been Harry, but can't have everything. Wall pushing icon expresses approval of such things.)

I just read the EW review, and it said that Kloves was going to write the last movie too. :( I just hope they keep the cinematographer, because he did stunning work.

Yeah, uuuuuuuugh Harry/Ginny blahblahblah.

And yeah, I hope they keep the cinematographer. An interesting tidbit, apparently the first cut of the movie had an even more radical color pallet, and when the studio heads saw it they made David Yates and co. go back and tweak the color balance of the whole film. Still looked pretty awesome though.

I pretty much agree, although I do think that they took the cue from the book on how much romantic/non-plot story they focused on. Mostly what I remembered from book nine was the scene where Dumbledore drank the potion to get the hoarcrux (which I thought was suitably disturbing in the movie) and a bunch of romantic nonesense. I just wish they could have let a little of that fade to the background in the movie.

A few random thoughts: The scene with Malfoy in the bathroom seemed both in the book and the movie to be the perfect beginning to a very bad slash fic. (I love that scene, but still....)

I totally got a weird sexual vibe from Slughorne's relationship with Tom and Harry. It almost felt to me like Tom was trying to seduce him into talking about the hoarcruxes. One of my friends called it a "History Boys vibe" which I felt was quite apt. But then I also thought it worked in a creepy kind of way.

I really didn't think they did a good enough job of showing that Harry was using spells from the Half Blood Prince book as well as potions. Or that Snape recognized the spell he used on Draco.

Oh way too many other thoughts. Honestly it wasn't my favorite book, so I'm not really disappointed with the movie.

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