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About That...
morgana kicking ass
So I totally failed at that once a day happiness meme. I would love to pick it back up, but today is definitely not that day.

I have deleted my Tilda Swinton icon because of this ridiculous apologist bullshit.. I'm so sad she signed the petition. I don't understand how people can excuse what he did because he is a gifted director. It's one of those perks of succeeding in Hollywood! Become really famous so that if you RAPE 13 YEAR OLD GIRLS you can be pitied, and not have to serve jail time! Kate Harding has a really brilliant piece about it anyone wanting more details of the situation should definitely read.

Add a little bit of politicians turning the health care reform debate into another venue in which to try to make it much more difficult for women to get abortions, and get one great day to be a woman.

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At least Kate Harding and Morgana icons are around to make me feel better about it all.

OMG I've been spamming everyone who falls me on Google Reader with various articles about Polanski, including a bunch of links to some of the most horrifying articles I've ever read ("he's been the victim of so much tragedy," "he's been hounded for long enough!" "SHE SAYS SHE'S OVER IT AND HAS FORGIVEN HIM" [omg, really? have we learned nothing about victim-blaming and the psyche of rape victims and their common responses to this kind of trauma!??!])

SO AWESOME, GUYS. Way to go.

Whoah, that was the most incoherent comment I've ever left.


Wow...I'm really rather depressed right now. Kate Harding's essay is wonderful though. I wish Swinton would read it...

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