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eleanor is very amused right now
Just a couple things:

1. The Witchfinder was creepy. BUT, still not as creepy as the Child Finder in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Just sayin'. Also, his transportable prison was totally ripped off from that movie.

2. I'm glad that finally there were finally some consequences to Merlin doing magic in public. Although it didn't seem like Merlin learned his lesson that well, but I'm glad the writers at least acknowledged how dangerous (and stupid sometimes) Merlin's magic use is.

3. I think the most interesting thing about this episode was that technically the Witchfinder was right. Despite the fact that his methods were completely bogus, his instincts about who had magic/assisted those with magic were spot on. And the things he said about Uther's having grown soft on magic was true. Uther did marry a troll the last episode, which probably contributed to why he is so eager to take such extreme measure against a smoke cloud. If the Witchfinder had stuck to using less sketchy ways of proving who had magical ability, then its possible Gaius, Merlin and Morgana could have been burned at the stake for their powers and practices.

4. I wish there had been more Morgana, and the writers hadn't made Gwen play the Dead Dad card the way they did. Also, as usual, that there had been more for the both of them to do.

That's all for now, off to bed, hopefully to actually fall asleep soon!

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It is a sad, sad day when you actually post about a Merlin episode before I even see it.

But YES to all of this, especially the lack of Morgana, which is what has made me the most disappointed about Season 2.

Also, I did really enjoy Gaius calling Uther on his bullshit at the end.

Furthermore, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was...kind of a terrifying film, in retrospect.

It is a sad, sad day when you actually post about a Merlin episode before I even see it.

Haha, I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Yeah I hope that the last episodes will be full of Morgana to make up for the shameful lack of her the rest of the season.

I did, however, get really excited for the preview for next week's episode! Morgause! I wonder if she's going to be portrayed as Igraine's sister MZB style, or as Arthur's half/full sister.

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