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*coughs* you have an eyelash
1. Why so many dudes, SPN? Why? I was thinking it was because so much of the plot was centered around the LARPing that most of the extras they hired were pairs of guys, but I don't think that's a good enough reason. There could have been more women dressed up as Sam and Dean! And how awesome/horrible would it have been to have them run into people dressed up like Ruby? Like Jessica or their Mom? That could have been way more awkward and interesting.

2. I know Becky came on way too strong and was definitely an over the top SamGirl, but I still liked her. I'm glad that her devotion to the books was portrayed as useful, and I think she and Chuck are really good together! I hope that they both end up joining the real hunt for Lucifer. If Becky turns her enthusiasm and energy into hunting she could be pretty badass.

3. Damian and Barnes were really cute. And the show didn't make their relationship a punchline! It was actually touching. And Dean didn't make some asinine comment about it! (This shouldn't make me as happy as it does. Low expectations of non-heterosexual relationship portrayal much?)

4. You know what would have been an even more breaking the fourth wall moment? If, when Barnes asked Dean was his real name was, he said "Jensen." I almost thought he was going to!

Overall I was pretty happy with how they portrayed fans, as people that are protective of the show even while well aware of its flaws because we see something valuable at the core of its story: Living a life that has an impact on the world alongside someone who loves you. That's something everyone wants, even if most of us would rather do it with a little less grave desecration then Sam and Dean have to deal with.

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Really? Wow, I was totally annoyed by this episode. I was okay with the initial wink to the overzealous fans in the episode that introduced Carver was cute and friendly, but at this point I feel like they're using their fans as punching bags. Every fan there seemed like a caricature (and I was just reading the Fan Dumb article on TvTropes the other day, so I even had the names for them in my head.) And I did feel like Damian and Barnes' relationship was a punchline...they show no physical affection toward each other until the very end and then it seemed awkward and forced. Not to mention the fact that there was NO REASON for Sam or Dean to stick around for one second after they discovered that they'd been tricked into coming in the first place. Plus they seemed to jump at any hint that there might be something supernatural happening; even when, in my opinion, their cynical characters would have dismissed even the legit ghost report as overzealous fans.

I totally agree with the too many guys comment; especially considering the huge fangirl base the show has. Also, why didn't Becky dress up?

Also...demon named Crowley? Any chance he didn't fall so much as saunter vaguely downward? We've already misplaced the Anti-Christ; I think I'm okay with this crossing over into Good Omens a bit.

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