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What do you get for the fangirl who has everything?
eleanor is very amused right now
So, merelyn is my fabulous sister. This is her nondenominational winter holiday fanvid present!

Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Title: You Belong With Me
Song: You Belong With Me
Artist: Taylor Swift
Character/Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura
Summary: Kirk doesn't believe in those no-win scenarios.
Disclaimer: The music and video clips used don't belong with me.
Links: Watch at YouTube or Download at Megaupload

<3 you, mea soror!

ETA: Now with a much clearer version of the vid on YouTube for anyone that doesn't want to download!

ETA 2: Now embedded!

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:) My icon is trying to out Pinto your icon ;)

Yeah, yours is winning. Also, because TSwift vid ideas are sprouting like weeds in my head: Merlin/Arthur and "I'd Lie". Merlin lying about his magic! Arthur's sister is beautiful! He has his father's eyes! Think about it!

Ooh that song would be perfect. Arthur loves to argue...a gift set of TSwift fanvids about unrequited angsting! Does she have any more? I'd have to do one for Supernatural too just to round it out!

The only thing that comes to mind at the moment isn't unrequited, and it's Dean/Castiel "Love Story" where Dean is Juliet so...uh, no.

(Also! Thought! Maybe you should embed the vid on this post.)

Wow, that was wonderful. The editing was amazing.

I like that song you used. Every time I hear it I think about Jim and Spock.

Great job!

Thanks! I have always associated that song with Jim and Spock too!

Thanks! :) Glad you liked it!

That made my DAY. ::squees uncontrollably::

Yay I'm glad, I was hoping you would watch and like it! *hugs* Are you going to be back in VA for the holidays? I'm going to be in town from the 18th to the 26th. We should hang out!

I'll be back from the 21st through the 3rd! Hang outs MUST occur! Yaaaaay!!!! So excited!

Sweet! I lost all my phone address book, so you should definitely facebook me your number. See you soon!

(Deleted comment)
Also, let's not kid, when he says "sitting in the bleachers" he means "blowing someone under the bleachers".


Also, let's not kid, when he says "sitting in the bleachers" he means "blowing someone under the bleachers"

AHAHA. I do think Jim expresses his emotions physically. Angsting over an unavailable Vulcan could definitely result in him doing a lot of things under bleachers!


See what I did there? ;)

That was one of the first scenes I paired with song lyrics! That and the "I wear sneakers" part :)

That was lovely! The editing was great, the song was perfect, and I want to watch it again. :)

I'm so glad you like it! I really credit that song with being one that I've not gotten sick of, despite listening to it SO MUCH making the vid.

Haha I know what you mean!

I have so many great ideas for videos like this, but the only program I've used is Final Cut Pro on a Mac. Movie Maker confuses me, haha.

I wish I knew how to use Final Cut Pro! I used iMovie, because it came with my Mac and I definitely don't have the money to buy a copy of Final Cut Pro. Do you have any vids posted online anywhere?

I wish I did! I haven't made anything since high school (grad. in 2005), so all my Final Cut Pro-created videos are on VHS tapes. Even then, they're music videos I had to do a lot of actual filming for. My last one was good, though. Actually, I have been able to work with Final Cut Pro in a couple community college classes, but I don't have any of my work anymore. Once I get a Mac laptop (soon, hopefully!), I'll try and make something more fanvid-esque. If I can figure out the easiest way. I didn't know you could use iMovie for fanvids? That's good to know... I'll stop worrying as much, hehe.

Edited at 2009-12-14 12:48 am (UTC)

Yeah it was pretty user friendly, although I don't know if it has all the fancy stuff FCP does. Yay Mac laptops! I'll be keeping an eye out for your stuff ;)

Vid - You Belong with Me

This is simply brilliant. Thank you.

Re: Vid - You Belong with Me

Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you liked it :)

Wow... That was ridiculously good. I actually kind of hate that song, but now hopefully whenever I hear it I'll think of your video and smile:)

Something about Star Trek vids to extremely girly songs makes me giggle like no other. This was lovely, and I really liked your use of Spock Prime to underscore the proceedings.

Thanks! The movie definitely tries to appear EPIC, and I liked using a song that undermined that!

Exactly! On one level, this is a very good Kirk/Spock vid, and on another level, this is hilarious. Whoever linked me to this described it as "what if Kirk was a fifteen year old girl who wrote in his diary in black crayon about Spock".

I just noticed the very quick cut to an unbelieving/exasperated McCoy at the end, which made me giggle to no end. He does not approve of Kirk expressing his love for Spock via Taylor Swift.

Whoever linked me to this described it as "what if Kirk was a fifteen year old girl who wrote in his diary in black crayon about Spock".

Haha that sounds like my sister merelyn! Was that her, by any chance?

I'm glad you noticed the McCoy thing! I actually tried to cut small scenes of him throughout the vid expressing his exasperation for Kirk and his feelings :)

Ohhhh, McCoy's face at the end. I mean, this vid was already awesome & great, but that just raised it to the level of perfection.

Aww thanks! That's one of my favorite parts too :)

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